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this way. >> i can hear you. >> the time for change has come. chris: obama's war. he didn't start it but he's got to finish it. how do we go in strong enough to win but agree we're going to leave? a constant war? what's it like for this president knowing he's destined to command two wars that will bleed one into the future? can he lead a domestic fight to push our country forward? with the daily news of soldiers dying? and finally, two running for number two? hillary has been more hawkish on the war, tougher on pakistan, warmer on israel and pushed back running for governor in 2010, what about v.p. in 2012. hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. anne kornblut covers the white house for "the washington post." andrea mitchell is chief foreign affairs corresponde for nbc news and david i go flashese is a "washington post" -- david ignatius is a "washington post" columnist. is the president prepared to take fire from the left and right flanks at home? his decision has been months in the making and the president told nbc news he plans to make his announcement clear. >> i'm confident at the
about his future. president obama at george washington enjoying his favorite treat, c >>> a memorial service was held for a university of virginia medical student who died while exploring a cave in utah. john jones was trapped head first and upside down for 28 hours. he died thanksgiving day. then his family had to make an agonizing decision. instead of risking the lives of rescuers again they chose to leave jones' body where it is, in the cave. >> it will serve as the final resting place for john edward jones. >> some feel like they have failed our famil we know they have done everything in their means possible to save our brother. >> the cave's entrance will be sealed and a marker placed out front. jones was in utah visiting family with his wife and baby daughter. >>> a 106-year-old alexandria woman who never thought she would live to see america's first black president was laid to rest today. we first met rachel tucker when she went to cast her vote for barack obama. >> so glad i was able to vote this year. 190 what? what year is it? >> 2008. >> 2008. and i'm still here. thank you
on what changed for president obama this week, why the media coverage turned sharply negative. high unemployment has been around for a while and the afghanistan dilemma has been building for months and the health care bill remains a cliffhanger even after they mustered 60 votes to send to to the senate floor. could it be that obama is dropping to 49% for the first time in the media are suddenly treating the obama presidency like a turkey. >> tonight, the president under pressure. his job approval ratings slide as he wrestles with everything from job creation to the future of afghanistan. >> the president is getting battered on everything from health care to the economy to foreign policy. some polls show americans are increasingly questioning his credibleity. >> with the president's approval rating dipping below 50% in some poll, it is clear the health care debate is taking a toll. when you look at this he faces the deficit problem, the health care problem and none of them help him in his central problem which is still creating jobs. >> phil, why do so many journalities seem to be so
, president obama said he would attend the climate summit and pledged to cut american emissions by 70% by 2020. t reversed the policy of the bush administration. we have this report from washington. >> certain days remind me of why i ran for this office. then the are moments like this. [laughter] >> he was pardoning the thanksgiving turkey. >> you are hereby pardoned. >> but there was serious movement from the white house on climate change. president obama will go to copenhagen for the climate change summit. it is a decision that the americans hope will lend momentum to the negotiations to limit greenhouse emissions. they hope the trip will help america's image. they hope that obama's america will be a central player in the treaty. it does not seem likely the treaty will emerge from copenhagen. obama said he did want a firm political agreement from copenhagen could take the world towards a climate change treaty next year. >> we have just two weeks before the beginning of copenhagen. it is essential that all countries to what is necessary to reach a strong operational agreement that will confro
on television. "sound of sunday" for november 29th. >>> as president obama prepares to announce his new afghanistan strategy, key members of his own democratic party warn he must strike a difficult balance, persuading the american people that sending more troops now is the key to getting out of afghanistan as soon as possible. >> think he has to make a speech that shows that all of our efforts are pointed to our reduced presence in afghanistan, but i think he has to also indicate again and again how critical is it is to our national security. >> but a key republican senator says one thing the commander in chief must not demonstrate is a weakening of u.s. resolve. >> you cannot signal that they are going to be doing their part, but then as soon as it's inconvenient for us to stay, we begin to leave because that's exactly what we've done in the past. that's exactly what they fear. i talked to tribal leaders in kandahar. that's what they feared. they want us to make sure the job is done before we leave and that's why all of the talk about an exit strategy is dangerous and tells the taliban
" is next. . . . host: in our first half-hour we are going to take a look at president obama's foreign- policy. "the economist" describes it in many ways but uses two words in particular -- subtle and not leave. what do you think about president obama's foreign- policy? for democrats, 202-737-0002. for republicans, 202-737-0001. for independents, 202-628-0205. you can twitter us at twitter.com/c-spanwj, e-mail us at journal@c-span.org. this is the leading section of "the economist." the headline this morning, the quiet american. "subtle or strategic diplomacy" the world will find out with his speech on tuesday. "a weakness runs through his foreign-policy. it looks to many that he has dithered, and of the liberated on afghanistan. managing squabbling officials and twisting the arm of, you karzai has accomplished -- twisting the arm of homage karzai -- hamid karzai, which will he be? clever or week? does this president have a strategy backed if necessary by force to reorder the world? or is he merely a presidential version of aldern pyle"? we wanted to use some of the words from "the ec
unless the senate puts the pedal to the metal and moves this legislation forward. president obama has already signed on. >> the this issue are over. >> question. if the u.s. does agree to sign a kobeen hagen agreement, what impact will that have on u.s. jobs, pat buchanan? >> i don't think it will have any impact, john, because i don't think it will get through the united states senate. there's a reason for that, john. al gore's moment has come and gone. the truth is, they are changing the nile to climate change rather than global warming for a reason. for ten years, the earth has been cooling. 1998 or so was the hottest year. the polar bear population is doing fine. antarctica is growing, the ice cap is growing. the arctic ice cap has stopped shrinking. you look around the united states, you are having record cold trends. you have this tremendous real problem in the american economy as opposed toed mythical problem of global warming. for these reasons, john, i think it's not going to get through the senate. i think, as i say, al gore's moment has passed. this whole thing was a bit of
the job. >> after months of deliberation and debate, president obama to announce a new strategy with more troops. >> i think it's a mistake. >> will his new approach contain al qaeda? can obama convince congress and the country to support this war? those questions this morning for our headliners. lindsey graham who supports more troops. and bernie sanders. >>> then the white house crashers. will they pay a price or get rich quick? george will, cokie roberts, matthew dowd, paul krug man and dan senor and as always, the sunday funnies. >> the last time someone got into the white house who didn't belong, they stayed there eight years. >>> tuesday night the president travels to west point to announce his new strategy and more troops for afghanistan. now the cad ets are likely to be a receptive audience. but will the country rally behind the new strategy? and will congress come up with the cash to pay for it? >>> but with begin with two key senators, lindsey graham and bernie sanders. gentlemen, welcome both. senator sands are, le me begin with you. we have seen the details of this strategy le
was in attendance for today's game president you may be wondering why michele obama was so into the game. she was on her feet for one lucky person and that's her brother. he's the oregon state head coach coach. oregon state built an 18-point lead. the obama family liked that. they pass it around the perimeter, go inside to andre for the lay-in and the foul but g.w. suffers its first loss of the season falling to oregon state 64-57. >>> jack the bulldog still a little bit hungry after that thanksgiving meal. georgetown hosting lafayette. first half the hoyas running chris wright to greg monroe to swayson clark for the reverse lay-in. he had a career high 19 points. later in the first half, thompson from the left wing. he drills a three-pointer. he hit all six of his shots. the hoyas on fire from downtown making ten three-pointers. late in the first half, inside to greg monroe. the hoyas six players in double figures. a big reason why they beat lafayette. tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame goes to florida quarterback tim tibow. he accounted for five touch qowns in his final game at the -- touch
through. i think the obama administration understands it's politically untenable to have this thing die on the vine, because then they're incapable of getting any legislation through. you'll see whatever compromises are necessary to get some kind of health care package through. the larger question, what else are we thinking about? what's the context in which health care reform is occurring? and there's a tremendous of other economic issues, the most notable, what you began, unemployment, which we don't have the political will to address today. what you hope doesn't happen, all the political concern gets drained out on health care. the. >> one of the real economy issues was taxes. glen, upper instrumental in designing the bush tax cuts in 2003, set to expire now in 2011. a lot of people feel that if we were to see these tax cuts expire, that's going to pressure an already fragile recovery. what are your thoughts on higher taxes next year? >> well, there's two sense in which the higher taxes would hurt the recovery. one would be higher taxes on entrepreneurs, small business owners, higher
family. >> president obama in the first family taken in a college basketball game. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> investigators are still searching for answers about the crash involving tiger woods. the golf superstar and his wife still have not talked to the police about what happened early yesterday morning when it tiger woods crashed into a tree. >> florida highway patrol officers arrived at tiger wood'' house saturday trying to question him about his bizarre car accident. the police say he hit a fire hydrant and a treat while driving his cadillac suv out of his driveway at 2:30 friday morning. these exclusive photos show the damage to the car. >> his wife came out of the house when she heard him hitting the fire hydrant, used a golf club to break out the rear window to gain entrance to the vehicle, removed him from the vehicle, and laid him on the streets. >> officers came within minutes. >> he had lacerations and blood on his lip. and he was treated and released from the hospital in good condition. >> still, questions remain. >> it
obama's state dinner say they want a six figure payment for an interview. that, at least, is according to a tv executive that spoke to the "associated press" on condition of anonymity. they also told them that tareq and michaele salahi said to get their bids in. >>> looks like black friday ended up being a mixed bag. shoppers flocked to the stores but sales nationwide were up by just .5%. sales are expected to increase by nearly 2% for the entire holiday season. the nation real tail federation predicted more people would go shopping but spent less. tomorrow is cybermonday when many people shop online. >>> we still don't know much about the car accident that send tiger woods to the hospital. he is not talking yet. as susan candiotti reports, that is only fueling the mystery surrounding the incident. >> reporter: the cracked-up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods cadillac suv, photos provided anonymously to cnn affiliate, the shots taken after the golfing phenom crashed into a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway and slammed into the neighbor's tree. >> he was on the ground
.ncicap.org-- >> next tuesday, december 1, president obama is expected to reveal to the nation his policy on afghanistan, after which he intends to go up to capitol hill in an effort to shore up support among democrats. his goal, he says, is to stop al qaeda from operating in afghanistan. >> it is in our strategic interest, in our national security interest, to make sure that al qaeda and its extremist allies cannot operate effectively in those areas. we are quick to dismantle and degrade the capabilities and -- going to dismantle and degrade their capabilities and destroy their networks. >> to powerful democrats are talking about a war tax. >> there will be no money for nothing if we put it all into afghanistan. >> i think adding some additional income tax to the upper brackets, $250,000. >> senator carl levin and congressman david obey. the number-cruncher's tell us the price tag for our soldiers and marines and other military personnel in afghanistan is about $1 million each. stimulus money is flowing out of the federal treasury, who knows what a new health care structure will cost, fighting two wars
-- torn down. it is bridge building time. president barack obama ran a magnificent leg of this race. the race is not over. some of us are shouting prematurely. the cleveland browns and the new york jets, there was third down and forced down, maybe five to go. the jets got 3 yards. they did not make it. the browns would have the ball. the player for the browns come in his excitement, had a foul. therefore, the jets got the ball back. the one on a field goal because the player shouted before the game was over. my fear is that many of us are shouting before this game is over. we are in a different place. on your tables as an edition of "the chicago tribune" from last friday. don't let them confuse racial justice and racism. those are not synonymous terms. and racial justice is legal and moral. we should not let them charge the current electorate and make us become race neutral because you cannot cut down a strong tree with a dull ax. you can spread mayonnaise with it. you cannot cut down a strong tree. look at the white house. look at the government of new york and massachusetts. look
>> decision time for afghanistan. president obama announces his plan tuesday. we'll get a preview from two top senators, jon kyl, the number two republican, and evan bayh, a democrat on the armed services committee. then a debate over health care reform and more with two political heavyweights, former presidential candidates republican mike huckabee and democrat howard dean. plus, they walk the line. meeting the president, vice president and other dignitaries at the white house state dinner. how did they give the slip to the secret service and why? our sunday panel discusses the story everyone's talking about. and our power player of the week, celebrating a century of caring for the nation's wounded warriors. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. tuesday night president obama lays out his new military strategy for afghanistan. joining us now two senators who support the president will need. from arizona, jon kyl, the senate's number two republican, and evan bayh. president obama will announce his plan tuesday night in a speech to the nation from west
's got to be more to it than that... i'll never doubt you again. >> this week, president obama is expected to announce a plan to send more troops to afghanistan, a strategy that is expected to be a tough sell and that will have a big cost. we have that story from washington. >> how many more americans are heading to afghanistan? president obama makes his long- awaited announcement on tuesday, but some are suggesting he will send more than 30,000 with in the next 1.5 years, 9000 beginning in february. >> it did not work previously. you need to put in every but you can as quickly as you can and deliver a knockout punch quickly to the enemy. >> some are not convinced the president is doing enough. democrats are afraid that afghanistan will become the next iraq. >> the key here is an afghan surge, not an american surge. >> they want to tax the wealthy to pay for the war, an extra $1 million per troup, per year. david obey of wisconsin wants to tax everyone but the troops -- an extra $1 million per troup. -- troop. >> we have to see what this costs us on education and on our efforts
to finish the job. >> after months of deliberation and debate, president obama to announce a new strategy with more troops. >> i think it's a mistake. to deepen our involvement. >> we're not going to be there forever. >> will his new approach contain al qaeda? can obama convince congress and the country to support this war? those questions this morning for our headliners. republican senator lindsey graham who supports more troops. and bernie sanders. the independent senator calling for an exit strategy. our "this week" debate. >>> then, the white hoe crashers. will they pay a price or get rich quick? that and all of the week's politics in our roundtable. with george will, cokie roberts, matthew dowd, paul krugman and dan senor. >>> and as always, the sunday funnies. >> the last time someone got into the white house who didn't belong there, they stayed there eight years. into >>> tuesday night the president travels to west point to announce his new strategy and more troops for afghanistan. now, the cadets are likely to be a receptive audience. but will the country rally behind president ob
't it? >> all right. thank you very much. talk to you later. as president obama gets ready to unveil the new afghanistan strategy, a new senate report looks at a crucial failure in the battle against al qaeda in the months after 9/11 saying osama bin laden quote within our grasp in late 2001 when military leaders decided not to pursue him with massive force saying the escape helped lay the foundation for reinvigorated insurgence and enflamed the strife that threatens pakistan. >>> across the country, millions of americans are heading home after the thanksgiving holiday and aaa says nearly 38 million took trips this thanksgiving weekend. most of them traveling by car, 33.2 million in all. and we're looking at i-4 right now live in orlando, florida, where it looks pretty good right now on the roadways. might be less hectic at the airports. about 2 million people traveling by air this weekend. thanksgiving air travel dropped a staggering 25% since 2007. we'll have a live report coming up on that. >>> what will the weather be like for the travelers? the weather channel's carl parker join
but managed to slip through white house security. and this is a big deal. especially for the obama administration, this week we're expecting obama to make an announcement about the international security plans for the future yet we have a white house that can't even secure its own front gates. there are many people who would love to get into a white house state dinner and that's very interesting to people. they got into the blue room and posed with high-level local politicians. they're known as socialites and owe money to high-end vendors in the washington area. apparently they haven't paid the bills in a little while. they have quite a long court history of civil suits lined up. and this is something that's all come to light now that the secret service is taking a look into their past. >> yeah. a few of the things coming to light regarding michaele says shaes former model, largest shoe collection in washington, d.c. wow. there's some controversy over the claims, notably, the claim to be a pro cheerleader, right? >> that's right t. washington redskins cheerleading association says
and this is "state of the union." president obama prepares to announce his new strategy for afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> two influential senators weigh in on troop levels, the timetable, and the cost of war. democrat jack reed of rhode island and republican richard lugar of indiana. >>> now's the time to move forward towards peace. >> a rare hint of movement in the search for middle east peace. we'll check in with special envoy tony blair live from the region. >>> and in our "american dispatch," we travel to seattle to see how despite scarce resources, one program tries to get homeless teens off the streets and on to a better path. >>> this is the "state of the union" report for sunday, november 29th. >>> good morning. hope you all had a great thanksgiving. president obama this week will unveil his long-awaited new strategy for afghanistan. administration sources suggest it includes a significant boost in u.s. troop levels. the official announcement is planned in prime-time tuesday night at the west point military academy before an audience of army cadets and military off
. >>> president obama makes a key announcement tuesday on additional u.s. troop deployments to afghanistan. 34,000 extra american troops is the figure that's been floated. that's on tom of tp of the 68,0 already there, along with 45,000 troops for other countries. >>> today the british prime minister announced a high-level conference next month in london to work out a time frame to take over its own security. the white house endorsed the conference set for january 28th as an opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues critical to afghanistan's future. >>> tune into cnn tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern for president barack obama's announcement. cnn will carry it live for you. >>> the u.s. is warning iran that it is prepared to work for even stronger economic sanctions. the warning follows friday's censure of iran by the u.n. national watchdog agency demanding iran stop enriching uranium and also stop construction on its once-secret nuclear facility. in a rare show of unity, the russian, china and france join the rare form of unity. >>> and to help mark the occasion, the communist country la
. plus the war in afghanistan. president obama announcing his plans tuesday. what will be the strategy to win here? we will talk to a retired military general about that. we welcome your feedback. just log on. looks like we're in for a bumpy ride. go ahead, ignore me. but in this turbulent market, you're going to need help... protecting some of your assets for retirement. an axa equitable annuity could give you... guaranteed income for life. i'd call them, but what do i know? i'm just the 800-pound gorilla in the room. don't worry. i'm here. want guaranteed income for life? axa equitable is redefining what you expect from annuities. ooh, peanuts. >>> president barack obama is to make a key announcement tuesday on additional u.s. troop deployments to afghanistan. the figure floated is 34,000 american troops on top of 68,000 already there and 45,000 troops from other countries. the british prime minister announced a high level conference to work out ah time frame for afghanistan to take over its own security. the white house has endorsed the conference set for january 28th as an opportun
facing president obama, including his the many challenges facing president obama, including his sagging poll numbers. caused by a completely blocked artery, be a very busy week for president president obama. with a speech on tuesday explaining his strategy in afghanistan, the senate beginning debate on the health care bill and a scheduled job summit. that all may be taking a toll on the president's popularity, which has sunk below the 50% mark. this according to the latest gallup daily tracking poll. joining me to discuss the president's situation are senior political correspondents jeff greenfield here in new york and john dickerson in washington. good evening. >> good evening. >> mitchell: jeff, how concerned should the white house be about these poll numbers? >> here's what history says for the last 40-something years, when a president's approval rating drops below 50%, his party loses an average of 41%, which is exactly the margin the democrats have in the house. they also have to be concerned that wavering democrats in congress looking at those numbers may be less inclined to follo
? president obama is expected to announce an increase of troops for the war in afghanistan tuesday, but who will foot the bill of a million dollars per soldier per year? and just how does president obama finish the job there? we'll ask senator carl levin, chairman of the senate armed services committee. then we'll turn to divisions within the republican party. is there room for moderates? we'll talk with former republican candidate dede scozzafava, former house majority leader dick armey and former republican chairman ed gillespie, but first is the war in afghanistan winnable on "face the nation"? captioning sponsored by cbs "face the nation" with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from washington, harry smith. >> smith: good morning. and joining us now is senator carl levin, the chairman of the armed services committee. good morning, sir. >> good morning, harry. >> smith: this new report from your committee that basically confirms osama bin laden was within the grasp of u.s. military at tora bora in december of the year of 9/11. had he been killed or captured at
shawn. as president obama prepares to announce his plans for more troops in afghanistan, there is a new shocking senate report. it cites one reason for the increased terrorist insurgency there. that reason is osama bin laden. and the decision by the u.s. military not to send in more troops to pursue him. at one point when he was hiding out in tora bora eight years ago. fox's caroline shively live in washington with the latest on the story. caroline, it's very controversial. not enough troops believed to have been sent to pursue bin laden. any new details in the report this morning? >> well, it's widely noted this was a costly mistake for the u.s. this report said flat out that american troops had osama bin laden within their grasp in tora bora, three months since 9/11 when military leaders decided not to go after him with force. the quote -- >> the report isn't bipartisan. it was done by democrats. >> eric: referring to john kerry, the senator from massachusetts on the panel. it's interesting that it comes two days before the president makes remarks and will give his speech about the tr
. and that is exactly because of what the revolutionary guards are doing. >> what should obama and his administration do? >> i think obama is on the right track right now. i think the world community, they have to stop a nuclear iran by any means possible. but most importantly through smart sanctions. but the obama administration, they also have to -- it also has to respect the iranian people. i think through smart sanctions, through keeping the lines of dialogue open with the iranian government, but at the same time talking about human rights abuses in iran, helping the human rights organizations in iran, talking about freedom of expression, helping the alternative media, i think the obama administration will have a more successful -- i know it's easy to talk about these things, but americans, they have made so many mistakes, especially during the eight years of the bush administration, that obama will have a very difficult task in the future in terms of relationship with iran. >> now, you've written this extraordinary cover story in "newsweek." you're now thinking about other things, or is the priorit
are speaking out. stay with us. you don't want to miss this, let me tell you. nice photo. president obama: i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. >>> this is america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. american shoppers peeling off a few more greenbacks this black friday than last year. a research firm reports shoppers spent more than $10.5 million the day after thanksgiving. up a half a percent from a year ago. there were signs of much stronger online sales during the holiday shopping kickoff and that means more folks just buying from home. >>> the search continues for the man accused of gunning down his family on thanksgiving day. police in jupiter florida say he shot and killed four family members after dinner. his six-year-old cousin. his twin sisters, one of whom was pregnant and a 76-year-old aunt. two other people were wounde
program. what does president obama and his allies do now? >>> in just two days the president tells you his plans on a troop ramp-up in afghanistan. what will he say? will it make a difference? cnn correspondents are on the ground in afghanistan. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. we're following breaking news out of the seattle area. a massive manhunt under way for at least one person who gunned down four police officers this morning in a coffee shop south of tacoma. someone walked right in and killed all four. police describe it as an ambush. no one else in the coffee shop was hurt. this is the second time in less than a month that police officers in the seattle area have been targeted in fatal shootings. the officers killed today were with the city of lakewood. a short time ago, a visibly shaken sheriff spoke about this tragedy. >> as you all know, something very terrible happened today. this is an example of the danger that police officers and deputy sheriffs and state troopers face every day. the person or people who did this not only harmed us, they harmed the good that we can do in the
and the clinton and a second bush and ann obama. how does this happen? >> guest: first of all there has not been a change in any of the regulations that come on to the financial world between any of those to administration changes. we hope there will be. >> host: let me back that up. this raises a very interesting point. not a democrat or republican. what you are essentially saying, are these kind of key financial issues of how we do with wall street into is head of the fed? >> guest: it seems like one of the least partisan things in washington because if you look at just the two regulations that were passed, the continuation of fed chairman under the changes of republican to democrat both times there is not a tremendous amount of difference. in fact there is more financial deregulation done under clinton than there was under the first. >> host: and the secretary of the treasury. >> guest: yes, who happens to also be a cozy zero of goldman sachs which is this whole whole, the revolving door from wall street and ultimately into the presidency. whether or not there is a democrat or republican sout
inability a lot of people say to work well with the council. he's like obama. a lot of people expected an awful lot of things from this mayor when he was elected. you're right, two years in for him and reed could be in politics a long time. on the other hand, you could argue it's been years in the making, a lot of these problems have been, and it takes time to get us out of them. and the fact remains this happens about this time in everybody's administration. everybody gets a little nervous, a little angry, a little peeved. and then you see how things go. >> the fact is it's early in the game yet. >> final comment, jim. >> one last point. to support some of the things that jerry pointed out, the fact that his favorability among african-americans is far less than it is with white voters in the district of columbia. that's very, very curious. it may speak to perceptions of his him. >>> mary chay is proposing a verm inbill or wildlife protection act of 2009. this would protect strange animals like bats, raccoons and other furry creatures from harm if they're caught in and around your home
. harry reid promised to be on c-span, full disclosure, this was about the obama administration, behind closed doors and the media hadn't followed up on that if the same way that if a republican made that promise and broke it. >> one exception one remarkable is david broder, 80, 8-0 years old and still working and calling them as he sees them and a minor war over harry reid, talking the language that they're talking about, hey, this thing is going to cost more than they reamlize. >> is this going to be covered when thanksgiving break is over and everybody comes back to washington? >> oh, yeah. >> yes, yes. >> yeah. >> certainly, certainly. >> and with the economy they better be. >> polls may show a drop in public support because people just want this thing over by now. they're tired of this story, right? >> and it is time for a break, but first, do you want to know what our panelists really think? during the break we keep the cameras rolling in the commercial. check out foxnews.com/fox news watch. back in two minutes to talk about the terror trials coming to the media capital of the wor
should be discouraged. authorities say michaele and tareq salahi met president obama even though they were not on the guest list. it was a harbor the loss for the redskins, coming up short against the philadelphia eagles. this one was tough to watch. >> two weeks in a row, they take the lead only to get their hearts broken. today, that happened in philadelphia. the skins were up and looked good, but the eagles get the ball for 90 yards. philadelphia added two points when they get the ball back and score was tied. a perfect 32 yard field goal and a perfect shot -- jason campbell is hit. eagles went, 27-24. another heartbreaker. >> i think we prepare well and our players do what we have askedhem all to do. to come out on the short and, -- and the short end, it's a difficult motion. >> but they're playing anyway. we'll show you some highlights and here with the players said later on in sports. >> thank you. coming up, four police officers killed in a deadly ambush. a manhunt is underway for the gunman. president obama and gets ready to unveil his strategy for the war and let -- pres
for those observations. when we come back, as president obama prepares to announce his afghanistan decision, democrats say they won't support a troop increase without a big tax increase. yg;wwgkóçó37wcwówg'çówóçoo i drove my first car from my parent's home in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen technologies that could increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%. >> paul: as president obama prepares to make an announcement on afghanistan next week, some democrats are saying they won't support a troop increase without a bigger tax increase to go with it. there ain't going to be no money for nothing if we pour it all into afghanistan. house appropriation committee chairman david obe told abc news recently -- he and others are floating the idea of a war surtax on all taxpayers, up to whopping 5 percentage point on brac
for president obama said the administration was "deeply saddened" by the terrible loss of life and wish speedy recovered to injured. there has been numerous bomb attacks in the north caucus region of russia, including chechnya since the fall of the soviet union. rebels and separatists have been fighting against pro-russian government officials. this past august a suicide bombing of a police station in the region that killed 25 and injured 164 more. now sometimes that violence or attacks by russian nationalist groups spill over to the bigger cities. for example, a february 2004 attack by chechen rebels on the moscow subway that killed 40 people. again, no group has claimed responsibility for this attack. keep in mind, though,er theer rorrists have attack -- terrorists attacked trains around the world in the past several year, including 2004 commuter train bombings in ma brit, spain, led by muslim terror cell that killed 191 people. also, the 2005 attack by british muslims on london's underground train system that killed 56 people. julie? >> julie: molly henneberg in washington. we have more on
the revolutionary guards are doing. >> what should obama and his administration do? >> i think obama is on the right track right now. i think the world community, they have to stop a nuclear iran by any means possible. but most importantly through smart sanctions. but obama administration, they also have to -- it also has to respect the iranian people. i think through smart sanctions, through keeping the lines of dialogue open with the iranian government, but at the same time talking about human rights abuses in iran, helping the human rights organizations in iran, talking about freedom of expression, helping the alternative media, i think the obama administration will have a more successful -- i know it's easy to talk about these things, but americans, they have made so many mistakes, especially during the eight years of the bush administration, that obama will have a very difficult task in the future in terms of a relationship with iran. >> now, you've written this extraordinary cover story in "newsweek." you're now thinking about other things, or is the priority right now your newborn girl? >> th
essentially what we're saying is an intelligence service. >> as we come back, president obama appears to announce his afghanistan decision. democrats say they won't support yg;wwgkóçó37wcwówg'çówóçoo >> as president obama prepares to make an announcement on afghanistan next week, some democrats are saying they won't support a troop increase without an even bigger tax increase to go with it. there ain't going to be no money for nothing if we pour it all into afghanistan, house appropriation committee told abe recently. if they ask for increased troops in afghanistan i'm going to ask them to pay for it. obey and others are asking for an sur tax up to 5 percentage points on the highest income bracket. joining us wall street columnist dan ettinger, and mary o'grady and kim strassel. kim, i'm doing the math here briefly if i can. when president bush's tax rates expire in 2011 that will take the top income tax rate up to almost 40%. you add in the health care sur tax, 45% and now you add on the war sur tax and top income tax rate to 50% which in some states, you know, califor
with obama. i am totally against at and i think it sarah would be the best person to come through and come up and i think she will help turn our country around. >> when you say we becoming socialist? >> obama. obama's. >> why? specifically? >> i do not like his idea is or what he does and i think it is horrendous. >> it is also a mind set regards to socialism that the government does for the citizens and we have to get back to the values of what we do and we make our own lives and our own future, not because of what government to gives us. it is a simple term but it is not something that is in to get in regard to the policies but it is a mind-set that he and stills in the so many people in the population. that is was socialism is. >> and i want to be able to create some feelings of support for sarah palin. she is a great leader and i have to see with all due respect, you guys who are running our country for so long, you cannot seem to get it right. we need a leader in the female gender to get the world turned around. we need to be on the committee and run the committee and a sorry, but you gu
. president obama is set to announce his war plan in a primetime speech this week. we'll take you to afghanistan for a look on how more troops will be used. >>> armed and dangerous. the search for a man suspected of killing four relatives at a thanksgiving dinner. authorities say he's dangerous. and they'll give us the latest on a possible motive. >>> tiger's troubles. police try to interview tiger woods and his wife for the second time about that late-night car crash that sent him to a hospital. but they're sent away once again. leaving even more unanswered questions. ♪ you're a mean one, mr. grinch ♪ >>> and a grinch of a recession. as cities and towns slash their budgets, they're cutting back on holiday cheer. fewer decorations, smaller trees. we need some determined residents for spirit. >>> good morni >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is sunday, november 29th, and the story that everybody's talking about this morning is what happened in that late inform night car accident that put tiger woods in the hospital. details are so scarce, it's forcing people to spec
this week. see you next week. >>> on the eve of a critical decision for president obama, we have a dramatic debate over one of the u.s. military's most valuable but most controversial weapons. >>> i'm christiane amanpour and welcome to our program. high stakes for president barack obama this week with a decision on troop strength that could determine the fate of the war in afghanistan. but we focus on one of the defining but little debated tactics. the controversial use of unmanned remote control weapons, drones target insurgents in afghanistan and pakistan without risking u.s. lives. but they have killed hundreds of civilians on the ground. we talk with a former top cia official, a former pakistani general, and one of the foremost experts on the drone program. we also take a new look at an old war, the cold war between the united states and cuba. a key congressional committee is discussing lifting the ban on americans traveling to cuba. could the embargo fall next? we talk to the committee chairman and to a leading human rights advocate with a scathing report on cuba. plus, differing viewp
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